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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 19, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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issue today. as it plays beat the clock. the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, how will the military deal with the changes coming, and how long will it take? a wintry mess. what happens when is a roadway turns into an ice rink? there it is there and some unlucky drivers found out themselves. date night. prince william and his bride to be captured for the first time since they made their big announcement. ♪ ♪ i'm not the only one who feels like that ♪ >> the video that could can be too hot for one station to handle is now bumped off a website. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." a look right now the an capitol hill where the senate will meet again one day after voting to repeal don't ask, don't tell. today they will debate an arms treaty with russia to reduce stockpiles of nuclear warheads known as the s.t.a.r.t. treaty.
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mike viqueira is at the white house. good sunday morning to you, mike. >> good morning. >> a couple of hours and it's closed doors, right? >> no, open session today. it's a rare sunday session. they're not so rare anymore. the senate has been trying to jam in a lot of activity at the end of this lame duck session before republicans take over control of the house and have those enhanced minorities in the senate. the s.t.a.r.t. arms control treaty, the president has been pushing very hard for this. they came to an agreement with russia earlier in the year. it the senate had the some 18 hearings on the subject. it has been there for everyone to look at but republicans are saying they are not given enough debate time in the senate as democrats try to get this through before they leave for the christmas holidays. the administration has said that national security depends on it. they've trotted out any former republican officials like colin powell, brent scowcroft, henry kissinger backing the treaty. but republicans say the missile
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defense portions no guarantee the united states can move forward with systems in eastern europe to protect primarily against iran. an interesting exchange this morning on this topic between david gregory and "meet the press" and vice president joe biden. david asked him, is there politics at play. his answer is there are both. let's have a lis. >> and with john mccain, there is substantive criticisms. he was worried whether or not we're going to make good on our commitment to deploy all four phases of the missile defense system in europe. that's a legitimate concern. there's other legitimate concerns. there have been 18 hearings, 1,000 questions we've answered. but others, they just simply are against any arms control agreement. >> so according to the vice president, john mccain has disagreements on substance but singled out south carolina's republican senator jim demint as someone who won't vote for it under any circumstances. administration says is the last s.t.a.r.t. agreement was
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expired. without a new one soon, we will not have the ability to inspect russian facilities that's part of this new agreement. we need ratification now before the end of the year, alex. >> what did the president have to say about don't ask, don't tell? >> the president put out a statement yesterday as it wound its way through the senate ta reof don't ask, don't tell that bans guys from openly serving in the military. he says it is time to close this chapter in our history and when it finally passed as it gained momentum, that surprise of 63 senators voting in favor, including eight republicans. the press secretary here robert gibbs put out a statement that the president will sign it as soon as he gets ahold of it on his desk in the west wing. >> mike viqueira, we'll see you again next hour. members of the military are speaking out about the vote. this morningcy spoke with a former west point ca dead who resigned over don't ask, don't tell. she says the argument that the repeal will result in casualties on the battlefield is not valid.
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>> we have an estimated 65,000 gay analyst byian and service members serving today in theater in afghanistan and iraq. and they're not taking away from unit cohesion but enhancing it. but so i think that the opposite is going to happen. the military will improve as a result of repeal. >> president obama is expected to sign that bill this week. more than 13,000 service members have been discharged under don't ask, don't tell. the policy will not disappear right away. first up, the defense department is expected to train and educate all forces on the new policy, and adjust procedures and facilities as necessary. defense secretary gates says this could take up to a year to get done. once the defense department is done it, secretary gates, mike mullen and the president have to certify that the military is indeedeady for this new policy to be plepted. the repeal will take effect 60 days after that certification. there is some time to come till
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it is implemented. israeli police have searching for two suspects after an american tourist was found stabbed to death on the outskirts of a forest in jerusalem. the bloody remains of the body were found early this morning off a popular hiking trail. she was out walking with a female tour guide when they were talked. the second woman, a british citizen, claims two men dragged them off the trail and tied them up before the stabbing begans. .she was wounded but managed to escape by playing dead. the united nations security council will hold emergency meetings later this morning about rising tensions between north and south korea. the south says it is planning live fire drills this week from the same island shelled by north korea a month ago and says the drills are routine and defense anybody nature, but the north is warning of a ca tatreau fee if the exercise is even held. let's take a look at the wild video from spokane, washington. the icy conditions on this hill caused a massive pile-up.
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look at this, one after one these out of control cars slid right down smashing into each other. no serious injuries to report despite the string of collisions. impact right there. the weather conditions are not likely to improve in that part of the country. temperatures will whoever around freezing with the possibility of more snow on the way. here with the national forecast is the weather channel's alex wallace. good morning. >> good morning to you. it's a mess here in the west for sure. it's going to be like this for some time. here's it the u.s. and the west coast. notice the cloud cover here streaming across the west coast and then all the way into the pacific all the way down to hawaii now. that's the connection here with the pacific ocean of our moisture source. that's going to continue to drive on in with all of that, we've got heavy rain and snow to contend with here over the next several days. all the heavy rain right now, we are dealing with it right around san francisco about an hour ago. now the heaviest rain right around sacramento dealing with
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that. the heaviest snow driving its way through prarts of the sierra at this time. we'll be continuing to deal with the rain pieing you. numbers getting into the two to three inch range. l.a. three to five inches if of rain will be possible here. could see local amounts getting into the six-inch range. all these totals could lead to mud slide issues, as well. the snow threat out there for you also. we'll deal with that snow really, really ramping up out there for you. we've been seeing snow totals measuring in feet and we'll continue to do so over the next 48 hours. check out what we'll find in kirkwood, two feet or more. this is just the next two days. we're going to be dealing with this mess through the mid part of the week. before it's all said and done, there could be areas in the highest peaks that could measure 15 feet of snow. >> yeah, even that's a challenge for snow lovers like me who want to go skiing. you got to maneuver through all that. anyway, alex wallace, thank you so much.
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another day of massive makes for travelers all across europe as a historic snowstorm blasts that continent. it could not come at a worse time right in the midst of the who dra travel rush. no flights will be allowed to land at heathrow airport today and airports all across europe are reporting is major cancellations and delays. jenny wivell is live for us in london. the situation getting any better or still just a mess? >> well, good morning, alex. the situation in terms of right here in london, the snow has started to ease off now, but it's not melting. and that means that the roads and the runways are more treacherous than ever. still iced over at heathrow. they haven't managed to clear the ice off a lot of the runways and have mace i be backlog of traffic in terms of the planes that have landed. they need to get those to take off before there's anywhere for anyone else to settle. loads of travelers have been
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stranded. overnight, they've ended up sleeping on the floor with a tin foil blanket to keep them warm. down at gatwick, things are getting back to normal much faster. they're now managing to allows planes to take off every three minutes. but still they've got a long way to go. further north, there is still heavy snow coming down. it's a complete whiteout in parts of scotland where the airports are closed. it's taking them eight hours to make a journey that would only take one hour. others are stranded still on the highways. >> jenny, i can't get over the picture of the airplane, and the tar makz, the runways that are covered in snow. which makes me want to ask, are folksing in london effective at clearing away this much snow that fast as they need to? it looks like it's there for a while. >> well, we're clearly not geared up to at all.
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i was just listening to the report before saying you've got something like 15 feet of snow in some parts of america. we're talking about half a foot of snow that's landed at heathrow. questions are starting to be asked, particularly by opposition politicians and members of the public who are angry we're not better prepared. >> i think by next winter you might be, jenny wivell. thank you very much. it is a critical day for quarterback michael vick. he plays in one of the biggest games of the year this afternoon, but the controversial comments he made earlier in the week are grabbing some real headlines. after serving almost two years for his role in a legal dogfighting ring, he told nbc's mar rare shy voe vo campo that he wants a dog. >> i would love to have another dog in the future. i think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process. i miss having a dog right now. i wish i could. my daughters, they miss having one and that's the hardest thing
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is telling them we can't have one because of my actions. >> the reactions you can imagine exploded almost immediately on both sides. the woman who started it all, mara schiavocampo is here right now with me. i have to ask, did you have any idea when he was saying that, you thought this is going to light it up? >> i didn't know it would have the reaction it has had. i thought it was interesting. even when the interview was done, i thought that was one of the more interesting parts of the interview. people very strongly about michael vick on both sides. there are a lot of people who say he did his time and it's time for us to move on. others feel he hasn't earned redemption. people feel strongly on both sides. it's such an easy thing to talk about. he wants a dog and given his history, that's going to elicit a responsibilities either way from people. >> you talk his having done his time. people go into jail and you hope they come out having been rehabilitated and reformed. do you get a sense that have with michael vick?
10:14 am
>> he says that prison changed him for the better. people around him who i spoke to said he is a different person and he certainly carries himself like a different man. when you look at old video, he carries himself with arrogance that seems to be gone now. he is definitely walking the walk and doing a lot of volunteer work with the humane society, mentoring to young kids which is something he never did before. by his own admission he had no interest in it. now he says he wants to. there are signs he has changed and matured. >> on that point a very interesting comment we're going to play about would he have listened to advice from michael vick four years ago when all this was going down. take a listen, everyone. >> mike probably listen to nothing i had to say. i think it would be like talking to the wall. so the conversation probably i wouldn't last no more than two minutes because the old mike probably would have walked away. >> the new mike?
10:15 am
>> open, honest. >> honest about his mistakes? >> yeah, the question i asked was what would mike say to mike 2006. he said mike 2006 wouldn't listen. >> talking to the wall. >> like talking to a wall. i think what we're seeing is a man who lost everything. absolutely everything. there was no guarantee he was going to get it back. there was no guarantee he would ever play again and be on the path to redemption. he seems to be operating from gratitude right now and has more perspective than when he was younger. >> he's playing great. >> the fact people are cheering for him on the field carries over off the field and gets him a lot of good will. if he was not playing as well as he is, i don't think people would be feel abouting as good about him. some possible new clues in the case of amelia earhart. what researchers dug up. going public. prince william and his bride to be make their first appearance since they announced their engagement. what about the shipping? we have ideas how to get all
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those gifts to the right people by next weekend here on "msnbc sunday."
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let's go to politics now and the vote that has forever changed the military. the senate struck down don't ask, don't tell. the 17-year-old law barring gay americans from serving openly in the military. for perspective on the change to come, ron christie joins us, author of the book "acting white." he is also a republican strategist and joins me in the studio along with karen finney, political analyst who stayed away down in d.c. there we go.
10:20 am
good morning to the two of you. we'll go ladies first. put this vote into the historical contempt. what does it mean for congress, for the military all of it? >> it's a huge step forward for america and for our basic civil rights and human rights. i mean, i think admiral mullen and secretary gates were very eloquent on this in terms of what this means for our national character and our dignity. the idea that we would ask people to have to lie about who they are in order to be our country, there's something inconsistent with our own values. i was in the clinton administration when don't ask, don't tell first was put in place. while i understood the politics, i have to say it sort of hurt meet you know, hurt my heart that we weren't quite at the place where we could making this a reality. so i feel very fortunate to be alive to see it happen. >> how about you, ron? your take on the repeals place in history? how do you see it? >> i think first and foremost, we need to make sure men and
10:21 am
women. uniform are not discriminated against. this policy put in place during the clinton administration asked people to remain in the shadows, if you will, based on their sexual orientation. looking at this from a historical contempt, i want to make sure this repeal doesn't do anything that takes away from the fundamental it will mission of our military to protect american citizens both here and abroad. in a historical contempt, i agree with this repeal and think we shouldn't discriminate on people based on their orientation. i want to make sure it's in the best readiness of the military. >> with regard to politically speaking, how does the president get viewed in light of this vote? >> you know, this is a very important one for the president, particularly if you consider the younger voters who supported him in 2008. younger generation voters really see these kinds you have issues, this is a major civil rights issue for that generation. it's a very important promise to have been kept. i think it goes to sort of fundamental core values. that being said, ity it's also important that the president
10:22 am
work very closely with the military, with secretary gates, with admiral mullen to do the reporting that needed to be done and i think he'll work closely with them to insure that the process by which to speak to ron's concern that this is implemented is done in a way that is the military views as appropriate. >> ron, i'm curious, looking at how the republicans who voted for the measure will be perceived historically speaking, eight of them and those who voted against. how do you think this will come down when all is said and done? >> i think the eight republicans who voted in favor of it took a vote against discrimination. i think the majority of the republicans in the united states senate said why are we doing this right now when we have two wars going on overseas. is this the best time to have this repeal. over time and in the historical context, i think they will be viewed as people who said we're going to put an end to discrimination. >> does this now open a vote on other areas? gay marriage or is this completely unrelated?
10:23 am
>> it could. here's the thing. if you believe in the premise of our constitution basic human and civil rights guaranteed to every american and you say, well, you shouldn't have to lie about who you are to be in the military, it's probably not too far a step to say well then, what about equal protection under the law and equal rights for every american citizen as a mixed race person, i personally can't wait for the day that gay marriage is a thing of the past. >> ron? >> i'd say to karen's point, i pretty much agree with that. i don't think in the context it's going to open a broader discussion to gay marriage around the country. this is one specific instance that the president and members of the senate felt they had to keep. in this context, i don't believe we're going to see any additional votes on gay marriage of that sort in the near future. >> karen finny, ron christie, thank you. strong words from vice president joe bide is about about julian assange. disappearing act.
10:24 am
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wikileaks found other julian assange is promising his arrest in the uk won't stop the release of more secret u.s. documents. this morning on "meet the press," vice president joe biden compared wikileaksing to hi-tech terrorism. david gregory asked him if the u.s. needed to stop assange. >> should the united states do somethinging to stop mr. assange? >> we're looking as the that right now. justice department is taking a look at that, and i'm not going to comment on that process. >> do you think he's a criminal? >> if he conspired to get these classified documents with a member of the u.s. military, that's fundamentally different than if somebody drops on your lap, here, david you're a press person. here is classified material. >> he says he's a hi-tech terrorist. others say this is akin to the pentagon papers. >> i would argue it's closer to being hi-tech terrorist than the pentagon papers.
10:32 am
but look, this guy has done things that have damaged and put in jeopardy the lives and occupations of people in other parts of the world. >> the vice president also talked about how the recent leak of u.s. diplomatic cables affected his relationships with foreign leaders. if you missed it, "meet the press" airs again at 2:00 p.m. right here on "msnbc sunday." we're learning pretty revealing details about the sex crime allegations against the wikileaks founder. a "new york times" article featured a leaked police report that includes two women's accounts of their sexual encounters with assange. they say is the sex was consensual until he refused to use a condom. he is wanted in sweden for those alleged sex crimes against both women. let's bring in our legal panel. jay fay he, former federal prosecutor joins us along with karen desoto, former prosecutor.
10:33 am
and good morning to the two of you. so the part about it being consensual, karen, but you the crime being assange didn't wear a condom. would that be prosecuted here in the u.s.? >> listen, you know, it could be. i mean, if there was enough political pressure you could prosecute figure. we know that now. however, i have tried rain cases a lot of times and the prosecutor does have a duty to bring those cases forward. is it a very strong case? i would have to tell you no. i have gotten people off, not off, not guilty on rain charges before. so it depends on what the circumstances are. did she say no? was this consensual. at the point she said no, did he stop or is this just two jealous women a little angry and aggravated. >> apparently these two women, jay found out they were not an exclusive relationship with julian assange and compared notes there. here's a bit of a problem i would think for the prosecution.
10:34 am
these twos women remain friends with him? >> they remain friends. the sex was consensual. granted a condom wasn't used. this case would -- it's very unlikely it would be prosecuted in the united states. there's no way he would get convicted. and that creates the other issue, whether britain will extradite him. he's appealing his extradition right now. >> these are the sex charges here. there's a whole other huge more serious kettle of fish we're talking about with regard to what he may be facing. listen to what he's saying about the united states bringing charges against him. >> i don't have too many -- there are machine weaker concerns about being extradited to the united states. we have a rumor from lawyers in the united states that there has been indictment made against me in the united states. >> karen, an indictment for what? >> well, hey, if he's being indicted by the united states, now understand that there's
10:35 am
somewhat of a companion case with bradley manning, a soldier arrested back in may. he's being convicted by military tribunal under article 22. it seems likely our government may try and do a conspiracy charge between manning who is a computer expert who was a soldier who allegedly leaked a lot of very serious information and whether there would be conspiracy charges between the two of them prosecuted by our government. >> meaning, what, jay? >> try to prosecute him under is the espionage to show he directly got access and leaked it. getting the access himself, stealing u.s. secrets is what they would have to prove. >> just given it it, but if he said go get it. >> if it was a continuing process is what they're alleging. >> with one exception. if he had secret information and the government askedor it back and he refused, he could be
10:36 am
prosecuted for not giving it back. that did occur here. legal experts say that may or may not be prosecutable. such an old act. >> 1917. >> want the government mad at you, obviously, what are you going to doing. >> karen desoto, jay fay had i, thank you so much. new reaction from the family of amanda knox after an italian court revealed it will allow an independent review of the dna evidence. knox's parents spoke just a short time ago on the "today" show. >> i think we were all just really relieved that it looks like this court has an open mind. i mean everybody was crying, and again in relief that there is now a renewed hope. >> this is really the first step in the appeal process. and it was a very good day for amanda as they're going to actually take a look at the evidence. but we're still cautiously
10:37 am
optimistic. they have to go through the process and we believe that when they do, that this wrongful conviction will be overturned. >> she is appealing her prison sentence for 25 years. some possible new clues uncovered in the disappearance of pilot amelia earhart. three bone fragments have turned up on a dessered south pacific island and also found nearby, old makeup, glass bottles and shells that had been cut open. researchers at the university of oklahoma hope to extract dna from the chips that could problem she died as a cast away after failing her 1937 quest to become the first woman to fly around the world. it could be months before the scientists know for certain whether the remains are indeed amelia earhart's. prince wilian and kate middleton made a public appearance last night attending a charity fund-raising event for cancer. they smiled at the bystanders gathered to get a glimpse of the royal pair.
10:38 am
>> she seemed to be enjoying it and waving at the crowd. she'll do. she'll do. >> she looked absolutely beautiful. she was really lovely. and they looked so happy together. it's really nice. >> that is nice. prince william and kate are set to be married april 29th. it is one of the hottest music videos people want to see. you might not be able to find it on the internet, not to mention tv. what's so controversial about it? judge for yourself. ♪ is that so wrong, is that so bad ♪ ♪ am i the only one who fees like that ♪ ♪ is it so much to just want love ♪ >> let's get the details now from amy palmer, senior editor from intouch weekly. >> good morning. >> country music television says julianne hough this is too hot. >> julianne hough is saying she believes it's being pulled because it's too racy.
10:39 am
cmt and youtube say it has to do with contractual obligations with the label. so there is some disagreement there. as you saw the video, it compared to the britney spears and kristina aguilera's that we're used to, isn't that big of a deal. she dates ryan seacrest. this might be a ploy to get buzz for her career. >> cooked it all up? >> it's a theory. >> sure they're talking about it. >> also, this video has been out for a while. this isn't new. now there's an interest in seeing it. people always want what they can't have. if you can't find this video, people want to see it. >> the fact is, she's a darn fine dancer. i love singers that can pull those moves off. >> she was on dancing with the stars". she's a beautiful young girl. people want to look at that. there you go. >> there's more news this weekend. the squeal 28 years in the making. this is "tron legacy." let's watch a clip of this.
10:40 am
>> where are you taking me? >> patience. all your questions will be answered. >> okay. did this grab the top spot? >> top spot with $47 million. which is huge. it's a sequel like you said 28 years in the making. tron came out in 1982. jeff bridges repricing his role in had it film. it's 3-d and people have been really interested in this. there's been a big marketing push. prevent sales online have been huge. i'm not surprised it took number one. >> let's look at a clip of "how do you know." it's got an all-star cast. >> i have to apologize. this might not be the best first impression. i had an unusual 24 hours. >> okay. well, the bad days make the good
10:41 am
ones bet. >> star power here. >> but not such a good day. number five, $8.7 million. you have to ask why. it's huge. jake nicholson is in this movie, is it paul rudd, reese witherspoon is, owen wilson. people are tired i think of this formula. >> james l. brooks is behind it. >> "terms of it endearment." they're saying maybe he doesn't understand the audiences of today. he did "broadcast news." they don't really like the reese witherspoon character. she's not warm like we're used to. it's all about the chemistrien at dynamic. >> thank you very much for bringing it to us. christmas came early at the zoo in washington. seven lion cubs born there made their first public appearance saturday. children took part in a naming contest. those seven cubs were born in two litters over the summer.
10:42 am
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an incredible slesal event is set to take flas tuesday morning. a full lunar eclipse. it's a union that hasn't been seen in 456 years. if you want to watch, you're going to have to get up early. astronomers say the total eclipse happens at 2:40 eastern time on tuesday. are you worried your gifts won't make it to a jolly holly christmas? shoppers are frantically trying to beat the clock so families
10:46 am
can enjoy the holiday. to clarify how to get the gifts unite the tree, regina lewis. >> appreciate it. >> talk a couple of deadlines before we get to the tips on all the tips. >> deadlines for standard shipping rates lowest based on ground transportation are coming up. amazon their deadline is midnight tomorrow along with target and toys "r" us. you can see other players bleeding into tuesday. come wednesday, thursday, looking at premium shipping costs because as an e taylor i'm less likely to absorb the premium i have to pay. >> how about tips for getting shipping done? there's other stuff you've got to know to do it right. >> group your purchases. if you have six things to buy, try to find a website where suc buy all of them at once. shipping is based on the size of the package and weight. take the biggest hit on the first item. the first sweater costed $7.95 to ship. a second one for a lot less. the cost of the second item is
10:47 am
lower. that's why department store web sites are a good route to go. >> what about people who feed to get stuff 11th hour and go shopping the 23rd? can you do the overnight stuff? >> here's what guaranteed means is, guaranteed to leave our warehouse on time. after that it's contingent on u.p.s. policy. i was at a distribution center yesterday. i asked them that question and they said acts of god, all bets are off and that includes, which is relevant, inclement weather. >> have we been seeing people pacing during this holiday season or do you think we're kind of back ending it here? >> there's always the 44% of people who wait till the last minute because of the weather factor and the premium charge. look at things that you can e-mail. it's not a copout. so what kid on the planet doesn't want an itunes gift card? you can purchase those and e-mail them to them. that's going to be just fine with them. magazine subscriptions on amazon, they're practically giving them away.
10:48 am
a gift subscription to netflix and united airlines and southwest have something neat. you can go in on this together if you wanted to give someone a trip and buy miles, you could buy some, i could buy some and we could send our parents sploois someplace. >> that is a great idea. thank you so much for joining us. we have another win this weekend for president obama. will we see a trifecta when congress convenes today on capitol hill? and how you can have your own a christmas story experience but you have to be willing to do a little traveling to get there. from the actor who played randy, we're going to have more from him as well coming up on "msnbc sunday." some models look so mad.
10:49 am
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celestial. well, the west coast is getting swamped with rain this weekend and more is on the way there. swollen rivers caused flooding near sacramento big-time. further south in ventura county, some areas have seen nearly eight inches of rain.
10:52 am
how will the storms affect football games this sunday? mike seidel is live in east utherford new jersey with the giants set to take on the philadelphia eagles. good morning. i'm betting you have a rowdy crowd. >> we have rowdy fans here. giants taking on philadelphia and whoever wins today, alex is top of the nfc east. 10-4. the team that goes home is 9-5. it's going to be a long ride down the turnpike for the eagles fans. the only game impacted by the west coast storm will be the raiders and denver broncos at the coliseum. it's going to be raining in the bay area. heavy rain too in southern california, parts of ventura county have had eight inches rain. the sierra have had 4 1/2 feet of snow so far. some of the mountains could get as much as ten feet of snow. meanwhile here at the meadowlands, cloudy and right
10:53 am
around freezing. we've got fans and something we haven't seen at a tailgate. i've been doing this nine years, al. ricardo and paul. where did you find this animal? >> paterson, new jersey. >> we've got 85 pounds of pig here. and about $3 a pound. how long do you roast this baby? >> four to five hours. >> you started the roasting at home. >> yeah, but 7:00 in the morning and we're about ready to serve it in 20 minutes. >> it smells good. i guess there's going to be a lot of folks having pork. >> there's plenty to go around. >> sandwiches, make it up with pickles, ham, swiss cheese and it's going to be very stormy for michael vick later, okay? g-men. >> there you go, alex. there's the forecast. vick goes down. the giants win and they all end up back here in january for the playoffs. >> that's some impressive fans there, that's impressive pig. a step up from the usual hot dog
10:54 am
fare. enjoy. we invite all of you to watch football night in america. it gets under way at 7:00 eastern followed by sunday night football when the packers take on the patriots in massachusetts all there for you on nbc. a historic vote on don't ask, don't tell makes it legal for gay and lesbian americans to be openly in the military and the second big political win for president obama at the 11th hour of this session of congress. the dadt repeal comes on the heels of the president signing into law the mass sib tax policy he helped negotiate. we have a congressional reporter from politico. good to see you. so repealing don't ask, don't tell was a major campaign promise. how big a win is for the president? >> very big. this is something that the democratic base pushed for a long time. it's something that comes on the heels of the tax cut deal that disappointed so many liberals. getting this is it something he
10:55 am
said he did that he promised. but you know, the reality is though on capitol hill, the thing that the obama administration really, really wants this lame duck session is this s.t.a.r.t. treaty with russia, the nuclear arms agreement which they're negotiating right now in the senate and pushing that very hard and hope they can get that done too in the next couple days. >> a colleague of yours at politico glenn trush rights obama nonetheless achieved a moment of it at least bipartisan ship and went a long way toward rebranding hipz as obama classic, that circa-2008 politician at war with partisan disorder." is this the leader he aspired to be when running? >> he said he's a guy who is going to stay above the partisan fray and bring people together. a lot of allies say this is exactly what he did and exactly what he's wanted to do. the bottom line is he's going into a hostile environment in
10:56 am
the next congress. republicans are going to control the house, have more seats in the senate and he's going to have to cut deals if they want to get through. he has to sell that to a lot of disappointed democrats. if he continues to take this kind of approach, it could go a long way toward rebranding himself and selling himself ahead of 2012. >> what about the tax cut law? he had to do something he campaigned against heavily, extending tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% how much does that detract from the political gain if at all? >> it probably has a good amount of effect here because a lot of liberals in congress were disappointed. they thought the obama administration gave away too much, not just on that but on the estate tax deal they cut with the republicans. but you know, the white house is saying that we have gotten a lot of things in there that we won't have gotten anyways and point to things like the unemployment insurance extension that republicans were block if it was not offset.
10:57 am
you know and there's a huge bill. $900 billion. and i think the bottom line is when you head into 2012, if this helps the economy, it could only be a good thing for the white house. if it doesn't, it's going to be very tough sledding ahead. >> manu ragu, thank you so much. murder in israel. an american female tourist is found stabbed to death. it is a growing mystery this morning. we'll take a look at it here on "msnbc sunday." [ female announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe
10:58 am
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